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​日本民謡〜解体新書〜  JAPANESE FOLK SONGS ~New Book on Anatomy~






In August 2021, Jemsilica's long-sought first album was released from each distribution site.

"Japanese folk songs" that have been handed down to Japan from ancient times are arranged using elements such as hip-hop, DUB, and drum'n'bass.

The singing voices are singers who are active in the world of Japanese folk songs.

I received the sound source of the song in advance and made it by disassembling and dissecting it.

Would you please listen to these songs?


1曲目 江差追分(Esashi-Oiwake)



The first song Esashi-Oiwake

Esashi Oiwake is a Hokkaido folk song. It's a long song of about 7 minutes. Starting with a bossa nova guitar phrase, dub and drum'n'bass elements are added in the middle, and finally it gets excited.

2曲目 こきりこ節(Kokiriko-Bushi)

​富山県民謡で日本最古の民謡と言われています。オルガンやエレキギターを使い、BIG BEATでアレンジ。雅楽の笙の音色も取り入れています。

The second song Kokiriko-Bushi

Kokirikobushi is a folk song of Toyama prefecture and is said to be the oldest folk song in Japan. Using an organ and an electric guitar, it is arranged with a big beat, and it also plays the tone of the Sho used in Gagaku. The Sho is a wind instrument used in gagaku, which is a type of Japanese classical music that was historically used for imperial court music and dances.

3曲目 デカンショ節(Dekansho-Bushi)



The third song  Dekansho-Bushi

Decansho-bushi is a folk song of Hyogo prefecture. It is a Japan Heritage Site.

It has a delay element used in dub and reggae, and has a sad chord that creates a romantic atmosphere.

4曲目 会津磐梯山(Aizubandaisan)


The fourth song  Aizubandaisan

Aizubandaisan is a folk song from the Aizu region of Fukushima prefecture.

The Tsugaru shamisen has a strong presence.

There are also elements of electric synthesizer and dub, and at the end it is finished with drum'n'bass like lo-fi.

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